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Kennel healthcare provided by:

www: Legwet - Lecznica weterynaryjna Legionowo
Facebook: Legwet - Lecznia weterynaryjna Legionowo

Bull Terriers in Poland:

Bulldom Kennel (miniature bull terrier)
Quercus Kennel (standard bull terriers)
Sauron Kennel (standard bull terriers)
Buteo Kennel (standard bull terriers)
Opalplast Kennel (standard & miniature bull terriers)
Hodowla Bull Position (standard & miniature bull terriers)
Kraina Chichow Kennel (standard bull terriers)
Tofik - AHMED z Krainy Chichˇw (standard bull terrier)
Ex Se Natus Kennel (standard bull terriers)
Perrocaliente Kennel (standard bull terriers)
Karmacoma Kennel (standard bull terriers)
Ewimark Kennel (standard & miniature bull terriers)
Kia Kennel (miniatrure bull terriers)
Od Rudej Wied╝my Kennel (miniature bull terriers)
Timar Kennel (standard bull terriers)
Dumspiro Kennel(standard bull terriers
Era Teriera Kennel (standard bull terriers)
Gryz Bull Kennel (standard bull terriers)
Bull-gang Kennel (standard bull terriers)
Z Jurajskiej Warowni (standard bull terriers) Z Jurajskiej Warowni

Bull Terriers outside of Poland:

Seaquest Kennel
Wizard and Witches Miniature Bull Terrier Kennel
Rebel Spirit Miniature Bull Terrier Kennel
Bullstorm Kennel
Margins Miniature Bull Terrier Kennel
Cwmdulais Kennel
Warbonnet Show Dogs - Miniature & Standard Bull Terrier Kennel
Legresse Kennel
Seayess Miniature Bull Terrier Kennel
El Cornijal Standard & Miniature Bull Terrier Kennel

Terriers Type Bull Kennels

Ast Team FCI Kennel

Bull Terrier Forums

Bulterier - Breed Forum (Polish one)        Bulterier - Breed Forum

Bulterier Forum (Polish one)
International Forum

Bull Terrier service (Polish one)

BullTerrier Service             BullTerrier Serwis

Other usefull links

Eurobreedre site
Poszly w Las - Polish Hounds Kennel
Black and Red - Wezyr and Ares (standard dashhunds)

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