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23 January 2017 Dirty Litter were born after our girl I FEEL FINE Bullwitmo aka Abra

Please visit "Puppies" sub-page.

05 June 2015 Velvet Litter were botn after our girl BALCK VELVET Bullwitmo aka Ginger

Please visit "Puppies" sub-page.

03 May 2014 - 5 boys were born after IRON MAIDEN Bullwitmo

Please visit "Puppies" sub-page.

16 February 2014 - International Dog Show, Cluj-Napoca (Romania)

IRON MAIDEN Bullwitmo (Mayka) completed International Championship and became Romanian Champion

05 Augst 2013 - the new litter after our sweet girl Ginger has arrived in Bullwitmo Kennel. Please visit "Puppies" sub-page.

03 August 2013, International Dog Show in Zakopane

Mayka has finished Polish Championship

DARK SIDE of Bullwitmo, Troyka son, was born at the 29th of December, 2012. Please visit "Puppies" sub-page.

15 April 2012 - the new litter "RED" after our sweet girl Ginger has arrived in Bullwitmo Kennel. Please visit "Puppies" sub-page.

02 October 2011, Dog Show in Legionowo

Ginger has finished Polish Championship

26 September 2011 - the new litter has arrived in Bullwitmo Kennel. Please visit "Puppies" sub-page.

March 2011- Ginger has started her adult show carrier

18 March 2011 - Katowice, International Dog Show - CAC, res.CACIB
19-20 March 2011 - Hungary, HBTK Special CAC Show and HBTK Club Show - CAC, Best Bitch in Breed, Hungarian Club Winner 2011

05 September 2010 - Ginger has completed Polish Junior Championship

March - April 2010 - Ginger has started her show season. We invite you to visit Ginger sub-page in our dogs page.

05 January 2010 - DNA PLL test result received - two "clear" and two "carrier"

All puppies are fully health tested. Please visit sub-page Puppies

29 October 2009 - Litter "B" BLACK ... Bullwitmo arrived in the world

Four puppies (three boys and one girl) were born at about 10am. We invite you to visit sub-site Puppies.

28 October 2009 - Troyka PLL DNA test result - CLEAR

Today we have received info that Troyka PLL DNA test was completed and the result is CLEAR. We are very happy.

09-10 May 2009 - Bratislava, Slovakia, Springduodanube International Dog Show

Troyka - Interchampion!!! Slovakian championship started

Sunday - CAC, res CACIB

Saturday - CAC, CACIB, BOB, Crufts'2010 nomination

02 May 2009 - Praha, Czech Republic - XVII International Dog Show

Troyka's first dog shows in Czech Republic - CAC, resCACIB, Czech championship started

20-21 December 2008 - Vilnius, Lithuania - VILNIUS WINTER`08 & CRISTMAS CUP`08

Troyka's first dog shows in Lithuania - 2xCAC, Lithuaninian championship started

05-06 December 2008 - Wels, Austria

Troyka has received two CACs and the same she became The Austrian Champion

03-04 October 2008 - Budapest, Hungary

Saturday - Hungarian Bull Terrier Club Dog Show
Troyka - the Best Bitch, Hungarian Club Winner, CAC - and as a result of two days shows - she became The Hungarian Champion

Friday - European Dog Show
Troyka's first start in Champion class - CAC, res CACIB (2/25, informal tittle: V-ce European Winner)

5th August 2008

Litter "D" BULLDOM was borned at 8:30 a.m.
    - Dam: Schastlivaya Bulldom'ka iz Voiska Tamerlana,
    - Sire: Warbonnet Galetia

6th July 2008

We would like to invite you to our Photo Gallery

19th-20th April 2008 - Czestochowa, Poland

Sunday - Country Dog Show
Troyka next success - our sweet girl won in open class and received CAC and the title The Best Bitch in Breed

Saturday - Terriers Type Bull - Grand Prix Dog Show
Excelent Troyka success - winner in open class, CAC, The Best Bitch in Breed and The Breed Winner! Additionally - III locate in BIS !

28th March 2008 - Katowice, Poland, International Dog Show

Troyka has finalised the Polish Championship. She also received CACIB and Crufts 2009 nomination.

24th March 2008

Start of the website :)

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